Aceto Balsamico, Al Melograno, 250 ml, EKO Bf 2029/04/30, vikt 670 g, L107H-24

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This award-winning balsamic is infused with organic pomegranate juice, giving it a delightful fruity-tart flavor. Drizzle over salads, cheese boards, cocktails and more to add a gourmet twist.

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Juicy Pomegranate Infusion

Made from organic grapes from Emilia-Romagna, Italy. The addition of organic pomegranate juice gives this balsamic a tart, fruity twist. Each drop bursts with the sweet-tart flavor of ripe pomegranates, echoing hot summer days in Italian orchards. Contains 95.8% certified Aceto Balsamico di Modena, 4% organic pomegranate juice, and 0.2% natural flavors.

Award-winning design

Our Organic Pomegranate Balsamic has won Gold in the Swedish Design Awards 2021 packaging competition and Silver in the World Brand Design Society Awards 2021.

Transform Ordinary to Gourmet

Drizzle over mixed greens, bruschetta, or fruity desserts like panna cotta. Mix with vodka or gin for a fun, flavored martini. Or keep it simple – dip bread and savor the complex blend of sweet and sour. However you use it, this award-winning organic balsamic turns any dish into a gourmet experience.

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