Marmalade, Bergamotto, 260 g, EKO Bf 2026/06/10, vikt 440 g, L240610

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This organic marmalade bursts with the natural flavor of Calabrian bergamot, a citrus treasure from sunny Calabria, the heart of bergamot production worldwide

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Calabrian Citrus Bliss

This organic marmalade is bursting with 67% organic bergamot – a citrus treasure forever linked with sunny Calabria, home to 95% of the world’s bergamot groves. Each jar brims with authentic bitter-sweet Italian flavor. Spread atop fresh ricotta or Robiola for a cheese board that transports you straight to Southern Italy. Or embrace your inner mixologist – this marmalade shines in cocktails like the Bergamot Spritz and Bergamot Gin.

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