Crema alla Nocciola, 200 g. Organic, 31/05/2025 , vikt 470 g, L310525

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Organic and sweet hazelnut cream, made of italian hazelnuts. Vegan.

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An organic hazelnut cream made from 46% organic Italian hazelnuts, coconut sugar, and the finest cocoa.

With only three ingredients, this hazelnut cream takes us back to the market in our grandparents' village. There, with a few wrinkled lira notes in hand, we could always buy a really good quality hazelnut cream.

Enjoy it on a piece of bread, in pastries, with fruit and ice cream, or simply with a spoon straight from the jar.

An organic olive oil where the olives have been pressed directly with fresh organic basil from the sunny region of Calabria. The olive oil is of the extra virgin type and is made from the Ottobratica and Careola olive varieties. We primarily use this oil as a flavor enhancer to have on the table. The fresh basil adds herbal and grassy notes while the olives from Calabria lend fruity and well-ripened flavors.

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