Il Novello Olive Oil, 500 ml, EKO Bf 2025/05/17, vikt 770 g, L32337

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Exceptional Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the sunny hills near Rimini, Emilia-Romagna. Hand-picked, single estate, and bursting with the essence of summer.

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High-Quality Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Experience the finest in organic olive oil with Novello, an exceptional extra virgin olive oil crafted from the Correggiolo olive variety grown on the sun-kissed hills surrounding Rimini in the fertile Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.

Novello gets its name from being the first pressing of the year’s harvest. Hand-picked when the olives transition from green to violet, they are promptly pressed within 24 hours on the very same estate where they are grown. This meticulous process results in a single estate olive oil of unparalleled quality.

By harvesting the olives when they are just on the cusp of ripeness, Novello captures a unique flavor profile that sets it apart from later pressings. Experience the essence of freshness and authenticity in every drop of Novello organic extra virgin olive oil.

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