Olio Rimini 500 ml. EKO Bf 2025/11/06, vikt 770 g, L012495

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The Finest Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, expertly blended for a smooth, peppery delight. Elevate your dishes, from salads to meats.

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Master the Art of Flavor

Experience the finest quality organic olive oil, extra virgin. Gridelli Rimini is crafted from a carefully selected blend of Correggiolo and Frantoio olives. This oil boasts a smooth and peppery flavor profile, making it the perfect addition to your dining table for raw enjoyment.

Ideal for drizzling over salads, enhancing the flavor of meats or fish, or mixing with a few drops of Gridelli Aceto Balsamico Nero to savor with freshly baked bread. Elevate your culinary creations with Gridelli Rimini, where taste meets excellence.

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