Aceto Balsamico, Bianco, 250 ml

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A white balsamic made from crisp green grapes in Italy. Drizzle over salads, fish, fruit – anything needing a little tangy sweetness.

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Delight of Unaged Organic White Balsamic from Italy's Vineyards

Our organic white balsamic is made from green grapes harvested in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Since it’s unaged, it has a bright, fruity flavor and livelier acidity than traditional balsamic. This vinegar contains no added sugar, colors, or other additives – just the natural deliciousness of Italian grapes.

Enhance Flavor and Freshness

The crisp acidity and hint of sweetness make it incredibly versatile in the kitchen. Drizzle over fresh salads with olive oil for a light dressing. Use as a marinade base for vegetables, potatoes, fish, or chicken headed to the oven. Or brighten up a fruit salad with its tangy kiss. It brings out the best in citrus fruits, melons, and strawberries. With its clean, nuanced flavor, a little of this white balsamic goes a long way. Add some zesty flair to your cooking with this unique varietal.

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