Marmellata di Arancia rossa, Organic, 270 g

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A sweet organic blood orange marmalade made from the finest Sicilian blood oranges.

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Organic Blood orange marmelade from Sicily

Gridelli’s organic Italian blood orange marmalade is a delightful combination of sweet and tangy flavors. Blood oranges are carefully cultivated in Sicily, where there is a long tradition of citrus farming. They ripen during the cold nights and sunny days of winter. What distinguishes Sicilian blood oranges is that in addition to the citrus flavor, there’s a touch of raspberry that adds an unexpected twist to every bite.

Our marmalade is made with love and precision, using only the finest organic ingredients. Set up your breakfast table and indulge in the rich flavor of our organic blood orange marmalade. Perfect for spreading on freshly toasted bread, mixing into yogurt, or using as a flavor sensation in your baked goods and desserts. Our blood orange marmalade is also fantastic for mixing a delicious Gin & jam drink.

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