Olio Al Limone, Olive Oil, 250 ml

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Discover our exquisite Lemon-Infused Organic EVOO, made from Leccino olives in Marche. Ideal for chicken, fish, salads, and even pancakes.
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Fresh, Fruity, and Organic

Indulge in the refreshing zest of our lemon-infused organic extra virgin olive oil. Crafted from handpicked Leccino olives, this exquisite oil adds a burst of citrusy delight to your culinary creations. Perfect for drizzling over grilled chicken, enhancing the flavor of seafood, or elevating your salads to new heights. And for a sweet treat, channel your inner Italian and savor it on pancakes with a touch of sugar. Embrace the Mediterranean charm with each drop of this organic masterpiece

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