Pomodori Pelati, 530 g

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Organic Whole Peeled Roma Tomatoes. Roma tomatoes are known for being the most used tomato in Italian cuisine.

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Craft Authentic Recipes with Organic Roma Tomatoes

Our organic whole peeled Roma tomatoes are the ideal tomato for Italian cooking. Roma tomatoes are prized for their meaty texture and fewer seeds, making them perfect for sauces, stews, and soups. These organic Roma tomatoes are harvested at peak ripeness and immediately steam-peeled to preserve flavor and texture. Packed in their own juice with no added preservatives or salts. Use these versatile tomatoes as a base for rich pasta sauce, on top of pizza, or simmered into a delicious tomato ragu. Their dense flesh holds up to cooking while adding fresh tomato taste. Make authentic Italian recipes with these organic peeled Roma tomatoes.

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